New Products

Micro-Seismic Railway Monitoring System (MRMS)

Alstom's Microseismic Monitoring System is a NEW and innovative solution that accurately detects rocks and debris on track areas using seismic sensors. When a significant object is detected, the system sends a digital output to the local signaling system which activates a warning to alert approaching trains. The system automatically resets itself when the track is clear and the train has passed. Installation of the system and interface with existing signaling systems require minimal modifications. The unit is self-contained and can be remotely monitored.


▪ Easy to install

▪ Interfaces with existing signaling systems

▪ Operates continuously and in all weather conditions

▪ Self-monitoring with remote capability

Return on Investment

▪ Improved safety

▪ Fewer train delays

▪ Less maintenance to existing equipment

▪ Reduction in operating expenses

Other Applications – Detection and Monitoring


▪ movement of support pillars in elevated structures

▪ accidental incursions of parallel railroads onto a   monitored track

▪ boats and barges striking bridge fenders, piers and pillars


▪ performance of elevated structures during repeated use by trains

▪ integrity of bridge and trestle structures

For more information or to order, please contact us at 1-800-717-4477 or take a look at our latest MRMS brochure.