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General Railway Signal (GRS) was founded in 1904 with the merger of three companies (Pneumatic Signal Company of Rochester, New York, Taylor Signal Co. of Buffalo, New York and Standard Railroad Signal Company of Arlington, New Jersey). An interesting fact, General Railway Signal was a proud member of the Dow Jones Industrial average as of October 1, 1928 and was listed on the "Original Dow 30".

In 1965, General Signal Corporation (GSX) was created with the intent to diversify into areas other than railway signaling. GRS was a wholly-owned subsidiary of GSX. In 1989, GRS was acquired by an Italian company, Sasib, and joined the Sasib Railways Group. Shortly thereafter in 1998, Alstom, a french company, acquired Sasib Railways. Alstom Signaling Inc. replaced the GRS name and is now part of the Transport Sector of Alstom, a $20 Billion USD Global Technology Company with locations in 70 countries and more than 70,000 employees.

Alstom Signaling is headquartered just outside of Rochester, NY in a 150,000 square foot facility.  This facility houses manufacturing, engineering and all support functions.  Additional satellite offices are strategically located throughout North America and Asia.

2004 Centennial History of Alstom Signaling Inc.